Gabriel J. Diaz has been a photographer for two decades, shooting primarily fashion, portraiture, and photojournalism. His work has appeared in The New Times, The Miami Herald, Caribbean Today, and magazines such as Indigo, Alternative Revolution, and Practical Photography. A very versatile photographer, he feels equally at home in the studio as he does exploring the Florida Everglades – and the world.

Gabriel learned to shoot mostly on transparency film, and he likes to get things right in the camera without resorting to "fix-it" software. His educational background is in journalism and sociology, but he wrote his first short story when he was seven years old, and by his early teenage years he had already written dozens of science fiction and horror stories. Around the same time, inspired by Batman comic book artists and the fantasy art of Boris Vallejo and Luis Royo, he took up an intense interest in drawing with charcoal pencils. This, and his love of movies, helped nurture his strong sense for the elements of art and design.

Many photographers, spanning from Diane Arbus to Frans Lanting to Richard Avedon, originally inspired and continue to influence Gabriel’s work.

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Rincon, Puerto Rico, 2015